Symphonic Band


Grades are based on the following criteria:

1. Rehearsal participation and preparation 30%

2. Performance tests/sight reading 25%

3. Concert attendance and performance 20%

4. Menu Options 25%


Grading Scale

90 - 100% A

80 – 90% B

70 – 80% C

60 – 70% D

0 – 60% F


Participation and Practice – 30%

This is the largest portion of your grade. Quality daily participation is

essential to the overall progress of an ensemble. You are required to be actively

involved in rehearsals, contributing your best effort, and being musically and

mentally prepared for each rehearsal.


Performance tests/Sight Reading Factory – 20%

The director may assign pieces of music from your folder and/or scale and

technical exercises, which you will play in class or individually. The quality of the

performance will determine your grade. Each playing test will be graded on a rubric

that you will see before the test. Sight reading will be assigned every other week as part of their performance test grade.

Concert Attendance - 20%

You are required to attend all performances scheduled for your ensemble. A

schedule of the performances can be found on our website. There are some

unavoidable conflicts or family emergencies that may arise. These can be excused

with approval of the director on an individual basis. If your absence is considered

excused, the grade can be made up by completing a concert evaluation form. Failure

to notify the director in advance or to bring a note (in the case of an emergency) will

cause the absence to be unexcused.

Concert Dress

Symphonic Band


• Men – Black dress shoes, black socks, black pants, and tie. Black

coat is allowed but optional.

• Women – black shoes, black skirt or pants, white blouse or all

black dress.

• Concert outfit must adhere to district/building dress code


Wind Ensemble

• Men – Black tuxedo. White shirt, bow tie, black socks and black

dress shoes

• Women – black formal outfit (floor length), black shoes

• Concert outfit must adhere to district/building dress code

Jazz Band and Percussion Tech

• Outfit to be determined by the ensemble

Menu Options – 12.5% (per option) maximum - 2

Menu options are available to put a personal input on the band program. The

menu includes a list of options you can choose from that help you and the program.

Each menu option is worth 12.5%. Therefore, in order to get an A in the class each

student is required to do two menu options per semester. A full list of options will

be posted on the website. Students are also welcome to come to the director with

additional ideas for menu options of their own.